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College Bound?
College is a big decision, with LOTS of options. Make sure to peruse this site and choose what fits YOU best!

National Colleges/Universities                  VS.               Regional Colleges/Universities
*Geographically diverse                                                                                
*Ethnically diverse
*Majority of students are out of state                                                             *Many students are commuter students
*Admission process is selective

Public Colleges/Universities                     VS.                Private Colleges/Universities     *State funding + tuition                                                                                   {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}*Tuition and private donations
*Usually less expensive                                                                                  *Usually more expensive
*Usually larger                                                                                               {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}*More intimate


Open Admissions: colleges enroll all until they are full

         *Example: many community colleges

More Selective: These colleges have standards and turn some students away that do not qualify

         *Example: CMU, EMU, WMU

Very Selective: Have much higher standards for admissions and are probably considered elite or prestigious colleges

         *Example: U of M, Harvard, Yale, etc.

College Search, Explore, And TOUR!

SEARCH Sites: College Navigator-

                         College Board College Search-

                         Princeton Review College Finder-

Explore Guidelines:
     1. Start Early- Freshmen/Sophomore Year
     2. Keep an open mind and look at characteristically different colleges, not just the ones you've heard of.
     3. Visit numerous colleges! You get 2 School Business Days a year (9-12) to explore colleges, USE THEM.
     4. Take Freshmen Transitions and Senior Transitions SERIOUSLY! It can help, if you utilize this time.
     5. Talk to college students and college admission advisors about the things you value!
     6. Reflect on all your options by creating pro/con lists
     7. Make a decision based on the knowledge you've gained from your exploration!

College Fairs AND Tours:
Again, if you can tour the actual campus, do (online virtual tours are good but not the same as seeing the campus in person). You will want to contact the school of your choosing and set up a college visit/tour. Scroll down to see contacts for many colleges in Michigan. But don't hesitate to look at out-of-state colleges if you want.

Online Virtual Tours:

College Fairs: NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling)

                      College Fairs in Michigan reported by Northern Michigan University

Choosing a College by Distinguishing Characteristics

*Click Distinguishing Characteristic heading for scholarships sites

                              Religion Based                                                                      


                              LBGT Based                                                                     


               All Women's/ Men's Colleges                                                            


                 Ethnic Diversity/Similarity                                                                                                                             


College/University Admission Requirements

*See Michigan College Guide for all colleges by state. This website has everything you need to know about the any college registered with College Guide


**Sometimes students have questions regarding course work, transferring of credits and no one is more knowledgeable than college counselors. The more you know the better off you will be. Here is a list of popular colleges in the area and their number to contact. Important questions to ask!

Adrian College 800-877-2246

Michigan Tech 906-370-2540

Albion College 800-858-6770

Michigan State University 517-432-5581

Alma College 800-321-2562

Northern Michigan University 616-647-4068

Baker College 517-780-4579

Oakland Community College 248-246-2433

Central Michigan University 888-292-5366

Olivet College 269-749-7181

Concordia 734-995-7318

Saginaw Valley State University 800-968-9500

Eastern Michigan University 734-487-8947

Siena Heights University 517-264-7187

Ferris State University 231-591-5445

Specs Howard School of Broadcasting Arts


Grand Valley State University 616-331-5000

Spring Arbor University 517-750-6792

Hope College 616-395-7000

U of M Flint 810-762-3302

Jackson Community College 517-787-0800

University of Toledo 419-530-5746

Kalamazoo Valley Community College


University of Detroit Mercy 313-993-3304

Lake Superior State University 906-632-6841

University of Michigan 734-936-2426

Lansing Community College 517-483-9962

Washtenaw Community College


Laurence Tech 248-204-3183

 *If a school of interest isn't listed please ask, and it will be added!

Student Athletes

See the following websites for more information: 
*Information adapted from:

Division 1

Division II

Division III


Can offer Athletic Scholarships

Can offer Athletic Scholarships

Cannot offer Athletic Scholarships

Can offer Athletic Scholarships

Larger  schools (usually)

Smaller schools

Can offer student athletes scholarships based on academics

Not a part of NCAA

Transfer students cannot play their first year

Different Core Classes students must take than DI

NCAA’s largest division

For more info:





** Student Athletes should not forget the (NJCAA) National Junior College Athletic Association as an option to play sports in college. For more information go to:

Application Timelines and Resources

Most colleges now have their applications all online and can be accessed from college links above for each individual college or you may be able to apply for multiple colleges using The Common App. 

What you may need when applying for colleges:

     1. Request Transcripts through Parchment. This should be a free service! In RARE cases, some colleges do not take transcripts online and the site will charge you to send via US Mail. If this is the case, please drop off a Transcript Request Form to my office for processing. Please set up an account with Parchment today!
     2. If you are filling out The Common App, I will need to write something on your behalf, so please supply me with a resume and written statement from you, highlighting the following: advanced classes, extra-curricular involvement, volunteer work, family struggles, what makes you unique, etc.
     3. If you are filling out The Common App, it is important that you have correct counselor information:


Ms. Kimberly L. Sitarz, MA, LLPC
Grass Lake High School
11500 Warrior Trail
Grass Lake, MI 49240
     4. If you are registering with the NCAA, you will need to speak with me regarding your coursework! AND your ACT scores need to be sent directly from ACT. This can be done easily by filling in College Code 9999 when you take the ACT.
     5. Grass Lake High School ACT (CEEB) Code: 231-780

When should I apply?

Different Types of University Application Timelines
**Click the link to find out more

Regardless of which college/s you are applying for, you should apply by the end of November.

Congratulations on completing the college section, if you have questions please see Ms. Sitarz

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